zipcar case study

the background

zipcar is a global car-sharing service, one that has been very successful in disrupting their industry and changing the way people live and “rent” cars.

our work

Since 2005, we have worked with zipcar on a wide variety of their marketing needs. At first, our main focus was supporting street teams and field marketing efforts by creating cool wearables, eco-friendly giveaways, and engagement pieces.

As zipcar grew, so did the need for us to provide a more creative and flexible solution. In 2013, we launched the first incarnation of the zipcar Store—an online portal created to distribute promotional products and swag items to their field offices across the United States. We handled everything from the development of the site, to product manufacturing, to inventory management and fulfillment. By helping them optimize their spend, we were able to realize economies of scale and freight savings for zipcar.

Due to the success of the program, we greatly expanded the store’s capabilities over the last several years. Version 2.0 of the zipcar Store was much more ambitious. We developed a state-of-art, print-on-demand (POD) mechanism that enabled high levels of customization during the order process. This allowed zipcar to specifically tailor print collateral to the needs of a particular program or region. From basic postcards to more elaborate brochures and large format signage, the versatility of the POD program pushed the boundaries of what had previously been available in our industry. We also added a digital asset management feature that allowed users to download digital collateral, including assets like video clips and social media imagery.

Other work includes support for zipcar University division’s campus brand ambassador program and experiential marketing campaigns ranging from Earth Day celebrations to major sporting events to various co-branding partnerships.

the results

Our partnership with zipcar has been one of the most rewarding we’ve been involved with over the last decade. From small beginnings, we have built our relationship and developed a multi-faceted online platform that has pushed the boundaries . The results have been tremendous, bringing value to all levels of their organization.

zipcar’s overall marketing ethos has been an inspiration to us and we’re thrilled to have built such a strong partnership with a client that exemplifies being best in class.

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